KeepJar™ – Recycle For Life!
  • 4 KeepJar rings, second sorting

    4 KeepJar rings, second sorting

    6.90 EUR


    With KeepJar you can turn baby food jars into secure and climate-friendly baby bottles. Price winning Swedish innovation. 

    The set includes: 4 white KeepJar rings. Use together with wideneck nipple and baby food jar.

    Baby food jar is not included as well as nipple. Fits with wideneck nipples from Mam, Nuk, Bambino, Goldi (please see our webshop) and Dr Brown.

    - While very durable, the baby food jars are still made out of glass and not unbreakable
    - Dishwasher safe
    - As baby grows we offer a range of caps (sippy and sports bottle from NUK) to extend the life of your KeepJar, please see
    - Includes linear low-density polythylene (LLDPE) in ring, made in Sweden
    - Product assembled in Sweden
    - BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free

    Size of baby food jars: 5-7 oz (160-260 ml). Fits with most baby food brand such as: Nestle, Hipp, Änglamark, Demeter, Babylove Breigläschen, Gerber, Heinz etc. Outer diameter of babyfood opening: 48 mm. The bottle can leach a little with certain baby foods jars since they are all unique. Try another jar if there is a problem. Nestle baby food jars has never leaked in our comprehensive tests.