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  • KeepJar lid and ring, natural white/grey

    KeepJar lid and ring, natural white/grey

    9 EUR



    Now you can turn an ordinary baby food jar into secure and climate-friendly baby bottle, training bottle or sports bottle for your child! With a glass bottle, you can always feel safe that your child does not get exposed to known and unknown chemicals found in plastic bottles. The contents will only come in contact with glass and the nipple or sipper which are made from all-natural materials, free from toxic, BPA, lead and phthalates. Together with silicone cases made out of LFGB food grade silicone, the bottles becomes shock-resistant and easy to grip for the child.

    The package includes:
    1 pacifier ring
    1 gray lid
    (Baby food jar is not included)

    1 to 2.6 cups depending on the baby food jar you choose

    Compatible with pacifiers from Goldi Sauger, NUK (wideneck), Mam (all) and Dr. Brown (wideneck).

    Before using the bottle the first time, boil water and then add the pacifier holder and lid. Cook for 2 minutes first and cool of with cold water. Pull the pacifier in the ring until they engage. Press down on the jar, don't screw. Then clean regularly to ensure cleanliness. Can be washed in a dishwasher.

    -the bottle can leach a little with certain baby foods jars since they are all unique. Try another jar if there is a problem.
    -do not leave children unattended with a bottle. Glass can break.
    -always check the temperature of the contents before feeding.