KeepJar™ – Recycle For Life!

    Cotton mesh bag, Size S, package of 1, 100% ecological cotton

    45 SEK


    Small cotton mesh bag with drawstring

    Great for carrying one or two fruits for work or school. 

    100% eco cotton mesh. The producer has a GOTS certification.
    Cotton label
    Package of 1 bag
    Size: 15x19 cm
    Weight: 12g

    Washing: Machine at low cold temperatures.

    We pick up an enormous amount of plastic bags when shopping fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. Most of the thin plastic bags goes directly into the garbage after use. Next time you  go shopping for veggies – bring this reusable mesh bag in organic cotton. These bags helps reduce the number of used plastic bags. Material: 100% untreated ecologically certified uncoloured cotton. Manufactured in India with a GOTS certified production partner who runs several social projects except that the factory complies with Indian legislation regarding working conditions (eg access to toilet, no under 18 years of employment and vacation, etc.). The factory is visited regularly.

    Photo: Anna Hallberg