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    KeepJar is a category-leading Swedish brand in conscious recycling and economically smart solutions, where existing products can be used in a new way thanks to creative thinking and innovations.

    Now you can turn an ordinary baby food jar into a safe, economical and climate friendly bottle for your child.KeepJar consists of a feeding ring and a lid which is assembled on a normal baby food jar. KeepJar is sold in packages with a protective silicone sleeve and nipples, drinking spout or sports cup.
    With a glass bottle, you can be assured that the child does not get itself known and unknown chemicals found in plastic bottles, which can leach into the liquid in the bottle. The vial contents will only be in contact with the glass and the teat – which both are made from all-natural materials, non-toxic, BPA, lead and phthalates. Together with silicone FDA food grade silicone becomes bottles addition, shock-resistant and easy to keep the child. KeepJar is:

    Safe Glass has been a reliable material for centuries. With a glass bottle, you can be assured that the child does not get itself known and unknown chemicals found in plastic bottles, which can leach into the liquid in the bottle.

    If a bottle is broken or if you need a different size (cans goes from 1 to 2.6 cups), so take simply take a can from your home. You'll never need to buy a new bottle.

    Climate smart By reusing something from home, we save the Earth's natural resources. Transport to the customer easier, the environment becomes a winner and the product cheaper.

    Feeding ring and lid fits with baby food jars from eg Hipp, Nestle and Änglamark and teats from Goldi Sauger, NUK (Wide Neck), Mam (all), Bambino (Wide Neck) and Dr. Brown (Wide Neck).

    The Swedish award winning brand KeepJar™ is created by Swedish-Norwegian industrial designer Annamaja Segtnan and focuses on recycling and quality.

    Hägerstensvägen 173
    S-126 53 Hägersten
    +46 70 855 45 31

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    W e b s h o p s
     (KeepJar cashmere mittens)
     (KeepJar eco cotton mesh bags) (KeepJar eco cotton mesh bags) (KeepJar eco cotton mesh bags)

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    Ester och Harry (KeepJar baby bottle, KeepJar eco cottons mesh bags, KeepJar cashmere mittens and socks)
    Hjalmar Brantinggatan 4A
    753 27 Uppsala

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    Stora Gatan 59
    193 30 Sigtuna

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    EcoSTHLM AB 
    Götgatan 78
    11830 Stockholm

    Nordiska Kompaniet NK, Barn och baby
    Hamngatan 18-20
    111 47 Stockholm

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    Sankt Eriksplan 11,
    113 20 Stockholm

    Drottninggatan 24
    11151 Stockholm

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    21 32 Enskededalen

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    By Lelou
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    Kungsgatan 36
    602 20 Norrköping

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    Ryhovsgatan 3-5
    55303 Jönköping
    (M2 Center, ingång vid Blomsterlandet)

    K a r l s t a d
    Tjärngatan 16 A
    652 21 Karlstad

    K o l m å r d e n
    Regnkedjan hem- och trädgårdsbutik
    Sandviksvägen 1
    618 34 Kolmården

    M ö r s i l
    Kyrkvägen 5
    830 04 Mörsil
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    Storgatan 40
    598 37 Vimmerby

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    Tre Får Leksaker i Tidaholm

    Torggatan 3
    52231 Tidaholm

    U m e å
    Kungsgatan 51
    903 26 Umeå
    (endast KeepJar nätpåsar)

    Ö r n s k ö l d s v i k
    Grön Gåva 
    Nygatan 14C
    891 33 Örnsköldsvik

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